HMS Kits For E-Commerce App

Hello Everyone!! In this article, we’ll discuss HMS Kits by Huawei. As we all know, building app from scratch are frustrating and so difficult that it’s almost impossible that we don’t use any API. Even, Facebook uses API for instant messaging. Fortunately, Huawei provide us with HMS Kits that helps us building Apps.

There are many Kits provided by Huawei. But, we will specifically discuss kits that are usefull for E-Commerce App.

The most commonly used Kits for E-Commerce App are :

  • Push Kit
  • Analytics Kit
  • In-App Purchases
  • Ads Kit
  • Account Kit
  • Location Kit
  • Image Kit
  • Video Kit
  • Network Kit

Push Kit

This kit helps boots user engagement in the application by using precise push to push the messages according to certain topics/scenarios and localization to adjust the content of the notification according to the user.

Source : Push Kit — Cloud Message Push- Cross-Platform Messaging Solution — HUAWEI Developer

In this application, the kit is used when we notify the user when his/her package has arrived or when the user has paid for the products in the application.

This kit’s simplicity also provides services to manage the application’s lifecycle and reach many users within 10 minutes.

Analytics Kit

Analytics Kit is a one-stop user behavior analysis platform for products such as mobile apps, web apps, quick apps, and mini-programs. It offers scenario-specific data collection, management, analysis, and usage, helping enterprises achieve effective user acquisition, product optimization, precise operations, and business growth.

Source : About the Service-Analytics Kit (

User behavior are automatically collected by Analytics SDK, and the Kit will automatically generate dashboard and analysis report for User retention, Behavior, Crashes, etc.

In-App Purchases

HUAWEI In-App Purchases (IAP) enables you to sell digital products and content directly within your app.

Its obvious that we need to sell digital products through our E-Commerce App. Therefore, this kit in fact is the core of this article.

To use this Kit, We only need to integrate IAP (In-App Purchases) SDK and launch the API. Afterwards, the API will launch the IAP checkout screen. As Simple As That!

Ads Kit

Ads Kit leverages the vast user base of Huawei devices and Huawei’s extensive data capabilities to provide you with the Publisher Service, helping you monetize traffic.

Ads Kit helps our app to display high quality ads in our app using OAID (Open Advertising Identifier) to deliver personalized ads. Huawei also offer Publisher Service Reporting API to obtain traffic monetization report data, including the number of ad requests, number of returned ads, click-through rate, and impression rate.

Account Kit

In the user registration section, we use the Account kit. The features that will be used are One-click sign-in and fast user authorization.

Source : Account Kit — HUAWEI ID — HUAWEI Account Login Service — HUAWEI Developer

The main purpose of using the above features is to make it easier for users to enter the application more easily and safely

Location Kit

Location Kit can help to provide precise location of a user quickly. This will later will be useful when we are developing the location feature to pin the location of our house/the place we want our packet to be delivered too.

Source : Location Kit — Precise Location Service — Global Positioning Service — HUAWEI Developer

The Location Kit provides APIs related to fused location, activity identification, geofence, and high precision location.

They also provide REST APIs to call location-related capabilities as well.

Image Kit

Using the image kit in the application, several features will be used, namely Image crop debris, filters and Theme tagging

Image cropping is used to crop the image when the image is entered into the application. Thus the image can be adjusted in terms of size. Will be of much use to the seller. Filters have a function to give the image a much better appearance. so that both the user and the seller can see the appearance of the image better. Theme tagging aims to tag images so that images can be more easily recognized.

Video Kit

To build the application that we will make, we choose to use the Video kit with the aim of displaying videos in our application.

Source : Video Kit — HMS Core — HUAWEI Developer

For the tool itself, we chose to apply the video playback system. With the aim that the videos that we provide can be easier to use both in terms of programming and also in terms of users.

Network Kit

The Network Kit is also used in this case to lower latency because it is equipped with user behavior prediction, DNS cache, and intelligent network parameters.

This later makes the application quicker and increases the success rate of request services. An example of this service is when you place an order in the application after you have reviewed your cart in the application.

And that’s the last but not the least Kit’s that are useful for building E-Commerce Apps. Thankyou and Hope this article bring light to developers that are desperately in need for the kits.

Made by :
Marcelino Budiman — 2301866763
Steven Martono — 2301858181
Tessalonica Cindy Judiarto — 2301912366




Mobile Developer Student @ BINUS University

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Marcelino Budiman

Marcelino Budiman

Mobile Developer Student @ BINUS University

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