Is #MeToo Only For Women? Should It Be?
Abby Franquemont

I understand that include-all kind of urge. But that’s what the rest of society (read trans women and men) expect from us, to always depend on our maternality. I’m not even talking about maternal instinct, but that need to shelter everyone and carry that burden. You said, if not us, who? That’s the point, we don’t have to. As a brazilian woman, where 13 are killed everyday, and one is raped every 2h, including my best friend last month — i’m just glad she’s still alive — i feel tired just having to protect myself all the time. So when men come asking to explain and show them our perspective, i dont feel like it.

They don’t know what is like to be born and expect that some day something bad will happen if you don’t take care, pay attention to your companies, walk alone or “don’t have self respect”.

Imagine a black person everyday, having to point out everyones racist attitudes, you get exhausted. WE have to be sensible and look at our own attitudes.

Another point, of course women assault too, no one said they don’t, but that’s her reproducing a crooked culture, made by men, for men, and when they do things like that, it’s not opression, sometimes it’s a self defense from our constructed low self-esteem. I’m not saying it’s right or justify their actions.

And men, please, stop trying to enter every safe space we make for ourselves. That’s just dishonest. Instead, if you really want to help, call your buddies attention when they talk bs bout some crazy girl he met. When he messes with or grab her by the arms; or when he gaslights one of his gf.