News Review #1

Story Description

An article covered by New York Times, written by Kenneth Chang, announced NASA’s planet-finding mission, Kepler, recently discovered a star that could be the new Earth one day. The star is the closest to Earth and possesses the possibility of liquid water, which indicates a likeliness of other life forms.

Why I Chose this Story

This story grabbed my attention because the idea of other life forms has always fascinated me. I took astronomy in high school and was interested in the potential of humanity moving in space. How far we’ve come in our space explorations to the breakthrough of Earth-like planets is incredible to me.

Social Media

This article was posted to New York Times’ Facebook page and was shared 667 times. The article received 2,900 views and had generally good reviews. Most commenters said we should stop destroying this planet, while others protested the need to invest in new science. Some joked that it’s best if we do not engage with other life forms.

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