News Review #2

Story Description

New York Times posted an article about lead poisoning contaminating the soil in East Chicago, Indiana. Abby Goodnough, the reporter, explained East Chicago was a U.S.S. Lead smelting plant and is a Superfund site. The lead leakage has caused health problems for the Indiana residents, forcing them to move.

Why I Chose this Story

The story is compelling and Goodnough’s thorough reporting makes it captivating. She started the article with an emotional narrative of a mother and the health problems her sons face. Goodnough’s article is opinionated, but her arguments are clear and supported. She quoted several experts and showed research to support her findings.

Social Media

This article gained 1,200 likes and 728 shares on the New York Times’ Facebook page. Many people were angry and commented how the Republican government does nothing for its people. Several others blamed the E.P.A. and wrote a letter to Donald Trump. The comments were not shocked like I thought, but instead were angry.