Going to Google I/O 2016

Host I/O Extended or rather be on the place?

I can not miss the opportunity of attending one of the biggest tech event of the year. For last two and half years being part of the GDG community and hosting a lot of different events from presentations, workshops and DevFest's it is time to visit the place where almost everything is born - San Francisco, Mountain View, Google, Silicon Valley.

One of few thousands developers going to event at Shoreline Amphitheatre and see what tech news Google prepared and get inspired for hosting other events back home and support local dev community.

This year we are going to prepare some on-place content for our local GDGs to make them more engaged, excited, connected and motivated. It is great to be a part of more then one community because you can share resources between all of them (GDG, GXG, GBG, GEG etc.) and help each other to host any event you want. It is hard to create stuff by yourself. It is much easier to handle everything with group of great people. So for the first time in our city Ostrava the GDG event will be completely hosted by non-developers :).

I am glad to be part of this family where you can share responsibilities and make almost anything you want.

And our Predictions for I/O 2016? I guess we are going to see some of these:

  • Android N
  • Project Ara
  • Self-driving cars and Android Auto
  • VR
  • IoT

But who knows what Google cooks in their tech kitchen and will be presenting as the biggest news. I am excited like a little boy who is going to open a building kit for the first time. Getting ready for a trip and examining all the pieces:

  • Google I/O ticket ✓
  • Flight ticket ✓
  • Accomodation ✓
  • Endless waiting and checking socials nets✓

Stay tuned for I/O or host your own extended and join the community.

Next time directly from California. And right after something about our GUG community.