Feeling is healing

I am not sure why I’m getting so emotional lately. For some inexplicable reason, feelings of hurt and frustration are surfacing lately.

It’s getting obvious that I’ve been managing my feelings these last few months, but some of them are still at the bottom of my heart.

Unexpressed feelings always need to be processed by our SELF. They will manifest and keep coming up until they are felt and dealt with once and for all.

It’s almost like a popup that keeps coming up on your computer screen over and over again. Action needs to be taken for it to go away.

In this case, it’s feeling the emotion so it can be let go. Old thoughts about my grand father and many other things have come back. Obviously I need to deal with these and let them go so I can move on.

Remember that feelings absolutely need to be experienced. They have to be processed or else you will be blocked in some way or form.

Feeling is healing.

Live. Learn. Let go.

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