Same vision, different path

Sometimes life just happens. We can often retrace all our decisions leading up to a life changing event.

Nonetheless, we must accept things as they are and not how we think they should have been. Expectations are the mind and heart’s most subtle poison.

We can tear ourselves apart from the pain and turmoil that unanswered expectations can fester up in our bitter soul.

I wouldn’t change anything in my life. I’ve come to accept the good and the bad things that happen to me.

Everything is an opportunity to learn something and grow. It is through hardship and chaos that we truly understand and fully know who we are.

A tree’s roots seldom grow in the day’s sun but rather through their hard work during the raging storms.

My vision about life and my work has not change. I still believe that we can achieve wonders if we can learn to work together.

Fortunately, life threw me a curveball to make sure that I go on another path…a better path for me at least.

I am more than my job…I am that I am.

Remember…everything happens twice in life: first in my mind…then it happens for real in life. 😊

Live, learn, let go!