Jordan was a strange colored fellow. These life forms deemed themselves humans, many seemed to stem from two shades a very clear color or more of a dark one. Jordan was was a bit orange though. He spoke of strange rules where their people were allowed to eat any type of orgasm on the palnet but it was unexceptable to eat one another. Moreover jordan was covered in strange material all over his body…..he did not really know why him or his poeple were forced to wear this material, or where this philosphy came from. He decided he did not want to wear this material. With that said, he is still covered. Honeslty, I think he wants to eat “humans”. He hailed from a small village in Canada, he said the sun does not burn him….but it burns the clear colored humans. He informed me the reason some people were so wide is becuase they eat many animals to often. He continued to delve into he personal life. He told his father orginated from a small island called “Jamiaca”. This island had a stigmatism for growing and inhaling a small foreign erb. He classified his mother as a “ginger” whose tanacity was only matched by her fiery red hair. Jordan said he does not know his purpose yet, but loves “chillen”. He told me “Im shinnin like I was dipped budda” I like Jordan…..he…is…..complex?

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