New school, with a hint of that throwback……

Truthfully, my notes suck regardless of method. Keeping up with the teacher in class is hard enough if they do not believe in D2L. If im taking notes by hand, it either to sloppy to ready or the grammar is so sub par that I struggle to read/understand what message im trying to convey. With that said, I like typing because everything is clear and concise… just to slow to type shorthand or verbatim like my classmates. I guess deciding from the lesser of two evils I preferthe old fashion pen and pad. Handwriting forces me to pay attention…..that is the real struggle in all of this. “I felt like I had gotten so much more out of the lecture that day,” Technology is great but sometimes you have to stick with what works. Besisdes, how many people are really taking notes when their on the computer during a lecture with +200 people and the professors voice is nothing but echos bouncing agasint a wall. Keep it basic ladies and gentlemen…..

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