Which language should I learn in 2020?

Marcello Pato
2 min readDec 18, 2019


Let me tell my story quickly.

I started in web business as a designer without any skills of programming until my boss asked me to design a site that would be dynamic.

“WHAT? How does it work? How does an HTML page request and retrieve data from a database?”

Well, let´s think like a programmer. And to achieve that, let´s learn how-to programming. And that´s how I became a developer or a web designer with programming skills 15 years ago.

Nowadays I do backends most part of the time, coding in PHP using Laravel, which is awesome, by the way. But then, as come from nothing, Flutter appears in my way, and two days later, GoLang. I am following my friend Ankur, from Bitfumes video series and so far, so good. (he is an awesome instructor).

But, is this a good idea? Why learn Flutter and GoLoang if the World already has a master language that is used by the most giants companies which are desperate hiring C# developers? Well, I will have to learn one new language anyway if I intend to get better jobs, better payment, more challenges and pleasure doing my work, right?

C# is not a note from the music scale?

So I decided to learn C# and .Net framework. “WHAT? A mac user learning .Net?” I found that .Net has become open source and it is cross-platform and it runs on my Mac. So I will be able to record my songs on GarageBand at weekends and code in .Net from Sunday to Friday?

We know that will be possible to do with Flutter and GoLang, but C# and .Net are the most wanted skill for a developer. So my main focus will be learning C# and .Net but sill learning Flutter and GoLang.

The point here is: Why to jump to a fresh new technology if you can learn a solid, modern and reliable language like C#.Net that does everything and more?

So, if you want to invest time and money to learn something new, do C#.Net.