Introducing Voice Clip as new content to post on Facebook.
Finally we make our voices heard with our real voices, expressing our feelings and our emotions at their best, share sounds or post the whisper of our last poem, yes :D

It would be great for me because I have had experience as a voice-actor in the past and I know how important the voice is for people, because it’s the first form of communication to which we are exposed before we are born, apart from the physical contact with our mother, we listen to the sounds and communicate with…

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If there was one single symbol that could truly represent the concept of communication among humans, I’d use it!

WhatsApp is the #1 service when it comes to communication among people. This medium is used for any kind of conversations, from those that carries emotions, to those that spread ideas or that inspire. All that in real time!

To be fair, there are a bunch of services that serve the same purpose, but WhatsApp has managed to enter our daily routine, kicking out SMSs (for those Gen-xers and Gen-yers that can still remember what an SMS is).

The project on…

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“You also read news on Facebook? They are all hoaxes!” .
“I will not report false news, I would like it to Facebook select for me the news from credible sources”.
I don’t know that looking at the link below the Fb content I can understand that it is an unreliable website”.


Facebook is also used to read news. Many times the users share the fake news from blogs or websites, news that often provoke unnecessary anger especially for those who can not verify the source. …

Marcello Di Giovanni

Digital Product Designer -

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