MirrorConf 2017 — A Retrospective

The big city name in the Praça da República

In October 2017 I attented the MirrorConf 2017 in Braga, a beautiful city in Portugal; I heard this was only the 2nd year of this awesome conference, and these are this year numbers:

  • 12 Speakers
  • 440 Attendees from 26 countries
  • 4 workshops in 2 days
  • 2 days conference

1st day Workshop: Sara Soueidan

The “Front-end expresso shot” workshop by Sara Soueidan has been pure gold: Sara is a lovely person, and from the start it’s clear the great passion that drives her.

From CSS Custom properties to Responsive Typography to CSS Shapes and masks, Sara shared tons of techniques, best practices, and personal advices based on her experience.

In a word: awesome!

2nd day Workshop: Vitaly Friedman

I have to say: Vitaly is a volcano, and his workshop “Responsive Interface Design Bootcamp” is a blast!

This workshop targets front-end developers as well designers: in the start, we had to team up since during the day, Vitaly assigned us some design challenges to be solved in just 5 minutes! Once completed each challenge, he collected all the sketches and commented them with praises, critiques, suggestions, understanding the design process behind each sketch. It was very interesting how sometimes the teams crafted similar solutions, other times the ideas were so different and innovative!

All over the day, Vitaly shared some of the topics that he’s studying and analysing constantly: the responsive workflow, responsive navigation, responsive tables, mobile first, e-commerce patterns… and checklists everywhere!

Amazing. Both the workshops I attended was worth alone the trip!

This year venue was Teatro Circo in Braga

MirrorConf Day 1

My preferred talks in the first days were:

  • Frank Chimero, “How to Tell When You’re Tired”
  • Sara Soueidan, “The <svg> of .svg”
  • Rachel Andrew, “Solving Layout Problems with CSS Grid and Friends”
  • Vitaly Friedman, “A Little Story About A Big Bang Redesign”

MirrorConf Day 2

And on the second day:

  • Jeremy Keith, “Evaluating Technology”
  • Claudio Guglieri, “Home”
  • Brad Frost, “Let’s Work Together!”


Overall, it was an amazing experience: great organisation, great venue, great speakers, great people; and as last note, the idea to play the background music during the breaks with 80’s songs played in 8-bit was superb! ;)

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