Atlas Is Finally Out Of Beta With Big Improvements 🎉

A Fitness Chatbot To Keep You In Shape.

Many Americans suffer from an insufficient amount of physical activity because we spend most of our days indoors, working 9–5 jobs and taking care of our households.
With the chaos of everyday life, it seems that finding time to workout is quite difficult and we prefer to avoid it.
To combat physical inactivity, we created a fitness chatbot that helps users manage their time better and follow through with a healthier lifestyle in a fun, effective way.

When we first launched Atlas it had very limited core features.
With only natural language processing in place to set up reminders at specified days, Atlas lacked the functions it needed to properly increase the fitness productivity of our users.
We released Atlas as a private beta version in early June, on-boarded users and learned from interactions to enhance the experience.

🎉 Happy to release the fully featured version of Atlas 💪
Atlas Fitness — A Chatbot To Combat Physical Inactivity

The newest version of Atlas includes workout plans, reminders at specific times, motivational content and more. We hope that these additions will greatly improve the experience and productivity of our users while helping them become more fit.

Workout Plans

We received many requests by Atlas users to have access to personalized workout plans, especially from those who are new to fitness.
Therefore, we are integrating workout plans with the help of fitness experts and influencers to provide users with daily workout suggestions.
To follow a workout plan users can choose from 4 different options.

“Simply Fit By Richard O.” — For users that seek short and intense workout routines mixed with cardio sessions.
This workout plan was designed by Richard O., an advocate for mental & physical health and a CrossFit enthusiast.

“Get Shredded By Anthony P.” — For users that want to shred excess body weight, build muscles and strengthen their core with high intensity workouts. This workout plan was designed by Anthony Perry, a personal fitness trainer and social media influencer.

“Get Toned” — For users that want to pronounce their muscles and tone their body with a cardio focused workout routine.

“Get Started” — For users that what to start building a healthy fitness habit and get a mix of cardio and strength training.

Users choose a plan and Atlas follows up!

After choosing a workout plan, users will receive a message at 8am with personalized workout suggestions for the day.
At any time, users can also change their reminder schedule and specify their own times.

Atlas sends GIFs now!

Specific Time Reminders

To support our users conveniently at the times they need it the most, we added the specific time reminder. This goes along well with the workout plans so that users can further personalize their notifications.
Utilizing quick reply buttons and natural language, users can choose the specific time of the day for their reminder.
Simple commands such as “remind me Monday at 9:45am” can be typed into the chatbot and Atlas will do the rest at the specified time.

“Change my reminder to 8:50am please”

This is a big milestone for us since Atlas only allowed users to schedule a “daily” reminder at first. Notifications were sent at random times and didn’t support users effectively.
We look forward for the specific time reminder feature to enhance the user experience and help users follow through with their workouts.

Other Improvements

While specific time reminders and personalized workout plans are significant improvements to Atlas, we also managed to include additional quick reply buttons, better NLP and menu carousels that provide users with more structure during their interactions with Atlas.

We also included GIFs to bring a bit of joy, laughter and visual content to our users. GIFs additionally enhance the chatbot experience by supporting scripts with visual cues. We combined GIFs with Atlas’ motivational quotes as well.

Visit our website to learn more.

Thank You!

Thanks to our initial testers who were brave enough to use the first version of Atlas for their workout routines, we were able to learn from user interactions and enhance the chatbot experience.

We will continue doing our best to make Atlas the leading fitness chatbot and follow our mission to connect fitness enthusiasts and encourage healthy habits.

With these newly released features we hope to help our users come a step closer to achieve their personal fitness goals and combat physical inactivity.
Give Atlas a try if you haven’t done so already and sign up for a workout plan today. Besides expert workout plans you can also find additional motivation.
This can be your start of forming a healthy fitness routine with the help of a chatbot.

Click here and chat with Atlas for free.
No download is required.

Marcellus Gaag is a tech writer & co-founder of Sodima Solutions.
Currently working on a fitness chatbot that helps personal trainers & gyms nurture leads over their Facebook Page.”
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