Prioritizing Your Queue, To Get The Most Out Of Your Business

Luna car rental company has a service car maintenance (revision of oil, brakes, washing) which you are only able to accommodate cars one at a time and working hours a day. The cars arrive at the workshop with an average de cars per day. The duration of servicing a car follows an exponential distribution Media hours. The maintenance queue management solution service costs the company euros per day. The company estimated at euros/ day the cost of having the car stopped without being able to rent. The company’s ability to change the maintenance service for a faster one that can lower maintenance time to half de hours arises, but this also means an increase in cost.

To what value can increase the cost for the company to hire new services. Nestor local fast food, Panic, has much to learn about queuing theory. It urges customers to former queues that are distributed randomly in front of employees during the daily meals. They have also installed between the three queue barriers so that customers queue management do not come into different queues to prevent people tail change. Customers arrive according to a Poisson distribution with an average of per hour and the time that a customer is served varies according to an exponential distribution with mean seconds. Assuming the permanent status of the system, what is the average time of stay of the client until it has been served? The manager of Paris is now believed to be preferable to a single queue finally distributed to the three servers and therefore the barriers are eliminates.

Luna organization is currently involved in setting up a telecommunications queue management solution center to have a better capacity same. The center should be responsible for the output of messages as well as the entry and distribution within the organization. The center manager is responsible for determining the operators should work on it. Operators responsible for the output of messages are responsible for making small corrections to messages, maintain an index code and a file with outgoing messages in the last days, and of course, convey the message. It has been established that this process is exponential and requires an average of min/ post. Transmission operators work in the century hours a day and five days a week.

All outgoing messages will be processed in the order they are received queue management software and follow a Poisson distribution with an average of hours a day every. Messages should be addressed in two hours at most. Determine the minimum number of staff required to meet this criterion service. Luna small branch of a bank has two employees, one for payments and for other charges. Customers come to each box following a Poisson distribution with a mean of/ hour. (Total of arrival to the bank is/ hour). The second option would be a maintenance machines, with a cost of one million euros, in this case the holding time is de hours with an exponential distribution.

The service time of queue management software each employee is a negative exponential average minutes. The section is responsible for making a change in thinking that the two operators can make both payments and fees to avoid situations where a queue is full and the other stop. However, it is estimated that when employees take care of both the service time increased to an average of. minutes. Compare the system that is now used with the proposed calculating the total of people in the bank, the average time would a customer in the bank until it is treated, the likelihood that a customer wait more than five minutes halftime. La that stand the company Herman Perez Cooling must choose between two types of system for maintaining its trucks.

It is estimated that trucks arrive at the maintenance position according to a negative exponential distribution with mean minutes and it is believed that this ratio is independent of the arrival there. The first type of system can serve two trucks in parallel, and each truck will do all the work by an average of minutes (the time is exponentially distributed). In the second system it could only serve a truck but the average time to view more that the maintenance of a truck takes is minutes (exponential distribution). The company Computers Reunions, which rents computers, considers need to be revised once a year. The first alternative, with a cost of, is to make a maintenance manual in which each computer would need a time following an exponential distribution with a mean of hours.

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