Tired of tedious study?

How to improve motivation? Got tired of learning? Welcome to the club! ;) Almost every student at least once during studying had a problem with motivation. Without proper motivation, as is well known, successful learning is impossible in principle. In this article I will explain how to return to the working channel if you have suddenly lost the purpose of your long journey through the thorns to the stars.

So, how can we increase our motivation? There are some advises below.

  • Reward yourself for success in school. For example, after a successful response to a seminar or passing a complex test the first time, you can (and should) treat yourself with something tasty and harmful.
  • Engage with your friends. Look around. Perhaps you’ll find around a lot of students who have lost motivation. Help each other. Joint analysis of a topic — a useful lesson and very positive.
  • Do not forget about the long-term goals. An achievement of a certain result and implementation of short-term goals is a great spur for the further improvement and development.
  • Eliminate distractions. Nothing should distract you from the educational process. Otherwise, you’ll be doing other things, and study will be falling by the wayside.
  • Express interest to the studying science. Interest is the strongest engine of the educational process.
  • Take a break. If you feel that you are tired and you just need a break — stop as soon as possible and make a small pause (not cluttered with arrears!). After a short break, you can move on with renewed vigor for study.
  • Place an order at your table. It is always easier to study in the comfortable atmosphere.
  • Set achievable goals for your studies. This will help to approach more consciously to the educational process. Plus, you will work on a specific result. And it is always more effective than abstract “good student.”
  • Hang on a desk motivational poster. The poster may be a picture of an examiner, a successful person in your specialty, Stalin, etc. It is also helpful to read books and watch movies about successful people.

Get over yourself. Just grab and go for it. And you will immediately feel a surge of energy and strength.

About the author: Marcelo Alcaraz is an author for okessay.co.uk and HR and Career planner. He is adapted to his niche and creates articles for specific job seekers.