The City of the Future Looks Like a Former Military Bunker in Taipei
Duncan Geere

That's surprising. I would like to know what quality of life these people have in this place. From the description you gave, Treasure Hill is exactly the same thing as a Favela from Rio- maybe, a little bit better. What is curious, though, is that I've always questioned myself whether Favelas aren't the purest form of organical urban growth, which leans to an optimist opinion towards it. However, it is absolutely clear for me, as a brazilian, that life at the Favelas is not sanitary at all in a number of ways: there's no public security, health services, infrastructure for services suchs as television, internet, etc, not to say the obviously inadequate constructions that do not respect city rules of safety. However, again, I might wonder if that's due to the lack of presence of the government or if it's due to the organization of Favela itself. It is a nice report, though, thank you, author(s)!