4 Steps to Manage without Technical Expertise

A managerial position is a challenge for any professional.

Least experienced ones sometimes become affraid to face a team, the dues & duties and the accountabilities of being a manager. Here you have simple but effective steps to follow that will make you ready to start managing.

  1. A good starting point is to develop together your team, a clear description of the deliverables of your department (division, business, company).
The deliverables are what your customers are waiting for.

After you have the deliverables you will invest time building a block diagram with the logical steps and activities that are needed to get the deliverables.

At each step listed fill the famous 5W1H. Here your specialists will teach you important points about your new job.

2.After you have the product (deliverable) and the process (block diagram) you will commit then with some KPI´s.

  1. KPI for products: quality standards (a few ones), timelines, costs.
  2. KPI for process: deadlines, expenses.

3.With this steps done you will invest on your own development in a kind of on-the-job training, investing your time to learn while the job is done by the team. You don´t need to become an expert but it is important you know how the ‘paper’ is reflected at work.

4.Make a weekly managerial meeting where all of you could evaluate the KPI´s , giving and taking feed back about improvements needed.

This 4 Steps was what I did in my early days as manager and I can tell you will run smoothly at your begining.

Bonus: be an enjoyable manager, trustfulness, politeness and kindness will always make your team engaged to YOUR personal success.

I´m ready to help you.

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