Why do we look for meaning in life?

At a certain time in our life sometimes we see ourselves thinking about ‘who I am?’, ‘why we live and dye?’, and other deep questions.

It´s a question that is so ancient as the human race is: what is the Meaning of Life?

To answer this question I will visit three great modern thinkers that has built effective theoretical systems and created proved psychological therapies from their models and clinical practice.

We will see very shortly the Logotherapy, the Pyramid of Human Needs and the Family Constellations.

Logotherapy is a branch of Psychology that treats the Noogenic Neurosis.

This kind of suffering was discovered by Viktor Emil Frankl a notable psychiatrist from Wien, Austria. In his clinical daily work he has found that a specific neurosis couldn´t fit to the freudian model because in his patients there wasn´t a gap in libido and impulse.

So he went deep studying philosophy and found another kind of human motivation beyond the libido, it was the will for meaning or theleology (pay attention, it´s not the-o-logy but the-leo-logy).

He made comparisions between the phylosophical concepts and his own medical practice and was able to create a therapy for that kind of neurosis.One of the most important philosophical sayings used as a root in Logotherapy comes from the german Nietzsche whe said

“Who has a ‘why’ to live for, faces any kind of ‘how’ in life”,

that means, if you have a cause you will be resilient before the challenges in life.

But meaning in life is not a hermetic matter of phylosophical thinking, it is also the daily motivation that makes us wake up and commut to our job, nurture relations take care about family and friends, in short, meaning is behind the people we are in the world.

Abraham Maslow an american psychologist could creat the famous concept of the Pyramid of Human Needs.

In this frame he found that we as individuals have key areas to become satisfied in life: Psychological, Personal Integrity, Social Networking, Self Realization, Transcendence.

When some pressure comes from one of the our needs it becomes our priority, and to pursuit its satisfaction becomes our present meaning in life. And the person we use to be will show what is our meaning, who we are, for what we are living for.

Recently in the last 30 years, a german psychologist, Bert Hellinger has worked with the Family Constelations. Being a facilitator of hundreds of constelations, he has discovered that behind of this two strong concepts another force acts inside each one of us: the Orders of Love.

In his clinical work he has identified that our life is entangled with the lives of all our family and ancestors. He has identified that some morbities that are present in our life today, comes from generations making people tend to reproduce specific behaviors.

And even some meaning that we have pursuiting maybe is not so authentic, but an extension of the meaning that some ancestor used to give to his own life.

I hope that this brief paragraphs could help you to look for your own meaning in life.

Best wishes !