Expressing the truth I’ve heard

There is something I need to express right now. I feel a cataclism of energy that gives me the urge to sit here being silent, just to listen this message and to experience it.

My mind is a large and complete source of ideas from this point. And I’m feeling guided to hear exacly what remain behind every thought I observe. To put me as a witness.

But, what means inside? — and now I perceive a smooth doubt that makes me shake and fear to loose this place. Yes: I’m only learning how to live from here, from this pure center of life, of being. And is really something to meet myself up here.

The inate intelligence that follows us in this planet is now presenting itself and I’m receiving the visit of this incredible mix of feeling and perceptions that are changing completely (and quickly) my perspectives and beliefs about the world, you and me. I want (with all my soul involved in this will and after observe deeply my entire system) to dive, to become this source, and to know this mystery.

Now, I ask you to imagine this scene: you standing in front a mirror. What do you see?