Brazilian Photographer Creates Series of Portraits in Motion

Brazilian photographer Marcelo Mandruca releases his project entitled STARE — PORTRAITS IN MOTION . The work consists in a series of more than 60 portraits in motion with a one minute duration each. During the shoot, the subject didn’t know he was being captured in motion — he thought it was a long exposure photograph. Through this technique, it was possible to register the natural facial expression of the person portrayed.

The project aim is to connect the viewer with the subject, allowing the observer to actually stop and stare at another person without intimidating or being intimidated, watching small movements, breathing, changes in expression, gaining access to the narrative behind the portrayed person.

You can watch the release video here:


About the project, Marcelo Mandruca says that “the photographer must choose only one expression, one frame to represent the subject’s personality. My idea was to capture all the frames that normally end up discarded during such selection and to put them into one single image. The challenge was to be able to record the subject in motion without any interference from the capturing process. By saying it was going to be a long exposure photograph and that the resulting overlay of the movements would be a blurred image, the subjects no longer worried about how they would look in the picture and relaxed in front of the camera. During one minute they simply stared at the lens and allowed me to stare back.”

Writer Nathalia Triveloni describes her experience while participating in the project: “All of a sudden, it’s just you and the camera. Little by little, it surrenders its place to others. Without realizing it, you’re no longer looking at the lens but at other people. There, I’ve looked at several people from the bottom of my soul. In spite of being dressed, for that brief moment, I was naked.”

The portraits are available on and on the following social media networks:


Marcelo Mandruca was born in São Paulo, Brazil in 1977. As an independent photographer, his portfolio is specialized in portraits and fashion. He has also worked as Art Director for Advertising agencies such as DM9DDB, Africa, Ogilvy, Urbana, TV1 and AG2.

You can check his work here: