Let’s Play Labor Law Opposition BINGO
Hanna Brooks Olsen

Economy dont give up to ideologies and for wishful thinking.. 
Here in Brazil we have a Government WAY MORE ‘protective’ than the US. Here, in the Work Justice (Justiça do Trabalho) the entrepernuors are allways consider like trying to get around the shoking regulations. Nobody has any freedom because the State just assume for himself the work relations in all level. 
The workers feel like being benefit while we have one of the biggest taxes over consumition of the world what takes a big chunk of every poor people salarie. 53% of taxes comes from families that gets less than 2 minimum wages.

I dont feel like really showing the economic reasons and arguments for this to happen, and how we all suffer for a poisonous work enviroment created by the governement. 
But i need to point out: ”The regulations hurts the very people it alleges to help”, and the bussiness people are fleeing to US, Paraguay and elsewhere leaving armies of people without work. Now this people has sudenly realised how they liked factories and bussiness.. But its too late. 
Study Economy. It will help you see the way to help people is the way to increase the liberty to work and make bussiness.

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