What if God favours natural over supernatural?
Doc Ayomide

While I agree with your point of view in some ways the “supernatural” phenomena you mention in your article do exist and has absolutely nothing to do with the fact if the person is Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist, or even no religion at all.

I once believed that our fate was already sealed from the moment you are born so, there’s not much we can do to change things as we are predestined to achieve or not achieve something. This is what the church wants to teach us anyway.

This was until I understood how something called “subconscious mind” operate that has a lot to do with the laws of nature, and you have the power to change and improve your life (or destroy it), depending the way you think.

Take a look at the work of Dr Joseph Murphy and you will find out more. By the way, Tony Robbins uses essentially the teachings of Dr Murphy on his training courses.

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