Photo Marathon @ Los Angeles

In 2 weeks I will be flying to LA and I will be doing a lot of shoots! Should I bring my Hasselblad or not, I’m not sure yet!

I am in town for 12 days and I am booked almost every day. On May 22nd I will be doing a collaboration Photo Marathon with Emilynn Rose who I have met in 2015 when I was working in a studio DownTown.

We will be doing 1 hour shoots (30 mins Emilynn, 30 mins me) on a location near the LA river and we plan to shoot 8 models that day.

This is always exciting because you never know how the models will be and pose beforehand. Sometimes you can get the money shot in 5 minutes, sometimes you need an hour. That’s why I’m a little bit nervous!

My biggest worry however is draining my batteries (I only have 2). I’m sure it will work out.

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