What is art?

or why we shouldn’t try to define it.

Marc Esquirol
May 2, 2018 · 2 min read
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Illustration by Valèria Cuní

Art, like a white canvas before being painted, is an empty concept waiting to be filled with meaning.

Art is and needs to be free, only with this qualification, will allow the free expression of the soul. Defining a concept that has freedom as a principle would be contradictory, defining is limiting and it’s impossible to limit emptiness.

Art is nothing, a conventionalism, a work of art is that which we considered as such. But the question on the faculty of art is completely pointless, we should ask ourselves about the quality of the work. In my opinion, a good work is the one which responds to its functions. If the artwork has a decorative intention, its success will rely on its beauty, its aesthetics. If the artwork, on the contrary, has a claiming purpose, its quality will rely on the message and the communicative efficiency. And if this creation occurs in a space without delimitations, any institution that rates the works within any parameters can be disregarded because, in the end, the last judgment occurs within our minds according to what we already know.

The consideration of an artwork is irrefutable and it’s its quality that should be discussed. The artist, then, can also be anyone, the real value doesn’t reside in being considered as such, but as being considered as good. Defining art would be as scratching a canvas before painting it, freedom and this emptiness of content allow construction from zero.

Art is and must be free, to define it would be to limit it.

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