Letters to my Sister in Japan — Day 18

Dear Sister,

I’m at a McDonald’s drive-thru with friends and I ordered two large sweet teas for myself. One of them said, “What the fuck? Why are you drinking two? Aren’t you going to need to pee?”

I’ve always had a voracious appetite. While I don’t know exactly why I’m able to stuff my stomach to the brim, it’s fun to theorize why that is.

My favorite theory has to do with how your mother serves the meals she prepares for our family. Her portions are ginormous! And if anyone requests seconds, your mother hands them extra tortillas or more side dishes to “fill up” before being allowed to eat more of the entre. I put up with too many plates of beans and tortillas to get a few more bites of my mom’s delicious green-sauce pork.

Why does no one else in our family cook like mom? My brother comes the closest, but after him, it’s all TV dinners or eating out. But don’t worry, even though you could never really cook like mom, I still enjoyed the hamburger helper dinners and sloppy joe lunches you made for me.

Out of all the years we lived together, those were my favorite. You were going to school getting your degree and I was at home being a dumb kid. We watched tv together. We listened to Howard Stern every morning you dropped me off at school. Those were the years we spent the most time with our cousins from LA and those were also the years we drove to Mexico often enough to visit grandma and bargain shop.

I know that I was a difficult kid at times. I know that it never really got easier to live with me. I know that there are goals you sacrificed to spend time with me and help out mom. Again, thank you. I appreciate it.

I’ll try my best to make it up to you and pay your kindness forward. We still need to get Brazilian BBQ. You simply pick the day and you know I’ll bring my appetite.


Your Little Brother

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