Letters to my Sister in Japan — Day 21

Dear Sister,

Today I decided to reach out to my nephew, your cousin’s son, and ask him if he wanted to go to a music festival in a few months. He loves one of the artists performing, a Cranberries-esque sounding group, and they just happen to be a band I like too, so I figured it’d be a great way to connect with him.

Believe it or not, I follow the kid on Twitter, and I like watching his YouTube videos, and I enjoy researching into the things he’s passionate about, be it music, games, or movies. I choose to stay out of his personal affairs, and I usually wait on him to send me a message or ask me a question before I offer any advice or words of wisdom.

In many ways he reminds me of myself, but at times when I look at him, I see someone much more put together, than I ever was at his age. You may scoff — I know your sisters would because they’re just bullies — but when I look at that boy, I understand how intimidated he must feel journeying out into the adult world, and I also empathize with his need to keep to himself and be private. I was there, and still am there most of the time.

He doesn’t need to be a well-read, straight-A super college student, for me to recognize that he’s personable and carries himself in a very respectful manner when it comes to authority figures or those around him that carry seniority. He’s sensitive, but also very blunt and brutal when he needs to be, and he’s damn good at making me laugh with the nonsense he occasionally decides to share with me.

But despite all of these magnificent qualities, and all the other shining skills and traits he may possess, I do recognize that my nephew is very green when it comes to common sense. Again, I understand and empathize because I was too and still very much am. Sometimes he forgets to plan for certain scenarios, or he refuses to accept help because he doesn’t want to be a burden. And while these things are not bad at all, I see so much of myself in him that I know he’s going to make the same mistakes over and over again, because again, I was the same way.

I feel that if the next year plays itself out the way I hope it does, I’ll be able to gather enough life-experience to be an even greater asset to the kid. I love that kooky kid, I truly do. And ultimately, I just want for him to be happy and to make good decisions. Or, at least, to make the type of mistakes that will lead to good decisions. Is this how you felt, or feel, about me?


Your Little Brother