Letters to my Sister in Japan — Day 23

Dear Sister,

Fred and Ethel never really got along. Did you know that? They absolutely hated each others’ guts. Vivian Vance, who played Ethel, was always turned off by William Frawley’s alcoholism and loathed the idea of portraying a woman married to a man that was old enough to be her father.

When I watch those old shows, it never really dawned on me that these personalities lived and died on the screen. Bruce Wayne became Adam West, until the next time we turned on the TV. Ross and Rachel never got together, though we sometimes hang out with them when we have a half-hour to kill. Dr. Phil isn’t really a doctor… well, that last one I made up. He might be one. I feel like the only exception to the rule may be Mr. Rogers, but even then I’m a little too jaded to blindly start drinking that kool-aid.

Real or not, these characters and the people that play them are comforting. Nick-at-Night evenings with you, watching Lucy, The Brady Bunch, or even smut like Flavor of Love, were fun! And like fine wine, the memories age gracefully as I smile from ear to ear when hear something or see something that triggers those old good times.

Today at work our office had The Brady Bunch playing in the background, and then someone had the genius — and I mean that sincerely — idea of binge-ing through Rock of Love with Brett Michaels — gag me with a spoon! Dude… early 2000s TV was real shitty and raunchy and there were hoochies everywhere!

But it was all SO good too! One of my old life-dreams was to be asked to appear on a show like I Love the 80s, but then when they started turning out all the spin-offs and sequels, it became a little much. VH1 was our jam, wasn’t it?


Sister, I think we should plan a dumb show night, invite maybe your two eldest nieces, and just watch something and make popcorn and eat junk food.

It seems so lazy, and so dumb that that’s what I would enjoy doing with you and the family, but I guess I just like the brain-dead, simple things.


Your Little Brother