Letters to my Sister in Japan — Day 6

Dear Sister,

It’s nearly 2:00am, I’m dead tired, and I just got home.

In retrospect, I’ve lived through so many long weekends where I barely make it home in one piece, early in the morning, with my body decimated by fatigue. And most of those nights are just the cherries on top what were amazing experiences.

It sucks that whenever my dad had a long night, and he’d come home, we’d have to humor whatever rant or story he was going on about, and he’d just keep us up. Both your parents have a habit of talking in circles when it comes to anecdotes, and I wonder if that’s just something that happens to all of us with age.

Did you still want to write Mom’s story? I don’t know if I’m committed or talented enough to really write a book, but I figure that like most things, it’s only a matter of seeing the task through. It’s a nice thought, but I need help seeing things through, as you probably already know.

I’m not going to cover any over-arching theme in this letter. But I just wanted you to know that I haven’t forgotten.


Your Little Brother