Letters to my Sister in Japan — Day 99

Dear Sister,

It’s been a while huh?

I think my trip to Europe really took a toll on my regimen and thoughts. Everything I had been working hard on maintaining and adhering to kind of fell off once I boarded that plane.

I understand that vacations are meant to spark those feelings of “getting away from it all” but I still don’t feel like I’m entirely back. During quieter moments on the bus, when I’m not completely melting my mind with a mindless game, I remember the European munis and metros, and how much more efficient they felt. What takes an hour-long travel time here would be 35–45 minutes there. $1.75 per bus, while across the pond, I can use $1.75 to buy a pass that will last me a few transfers and trips. It’s also nicer to see complex, layered, and historic architecture over the latest YMI ad and half-lit McDonald’s arches.

Doesn’t Japan have excellent public transportation?

We haven’t talked in a very long time, but my thoughts are almost always with you. I can imagine you taking a train from one city to another, or just sitting inside a very tiny flat watching reruns of The Nanny. What’s your favorite meal to eat during these summer months? Is work being brutal, or are you being a rock star? I’ll try to call you again, with interview questions and a large dossier of dumb anecdotes I feel like I need to share.

I miss you and I, and the rest of the family, can’t wait to see you again!

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