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Excellent view from the “other side”. This type of analysis is also applicable to Central New Jersey. The part that is left out of the discussion (unfortunately), because it doesn’t play to the author’s theme is religion (different groups belong to different religions and support often different churches/temples, limiting the integration of the ADULTS. We understand the issues for the kids, but the parents face dramatic social challenges of building life long friendships with individuals from different religious backgrounds). Also some of the shared youth activities (sports, scouts, etc…) can also be problematic when these groups are not supported by non-white neighbors, for all kinds of reasons that are unspoken, whether it is prioritization, sponsoring entities, etc… We see some areas strengthen significantly (ala music) while others may suffer (drama, sports, groups that are heavily dependent on communication skills (where ESL is a true factor)). My own boys are long past this age group and have their own challenges, but there are many dimensions to this issue.

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