The News and its New Silent Majority: Clinton Supporters
Jeff Jarvis

This election is not about the candidates, but it should be about the PLATFORM. The Democratic PLATFORM is the worst foreign policy platform of the last 40 years. Your quote ” issues and realities of immigration, refugees, criminal justice, the economy, infrastructure, education, health care costs, entitlement costs, security, the environment, taxes, jobs” does not even MENTION Foreign Policy. We need a LEADER. Ms. Clinton has done NOTHING to improve the image of the US in the world. All of the issues you raise are US DOMESTIC and are typically handled 90% by CONGRESS. Where is the LEADER in the POTUS? Your support for a party that is ANTI-ISRAEL, ANTI-RUSSIA, and PRO-ARAB (an over simplification but it serves my purpose) is the problem. The Republican Platform is PRO-ISRAEL, PRO-RUSSIA (who we should be working WITH, not AGAINST), and ANTI-ARAB.

I realize that many voters are SINGLE ISSUE people (read “Pro-Choice” as one example), but the POTUS is not a single issue position. How can you support a Democratic Platform that is the worst foreign policy platform since WW2? You have obviously decided that DOMESTIC issues are the only ones that matter and that we should now be an ISOLATIONIST country. You can’t create jobs without EXPORTS and TRADE and other issues that impact the WORLD ECONOMY. Get your HEAD out of your ASS, and focus on the WORLD and not just USA.

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