Selling Online? Try these tips nail the slick eCommerce solution, I love their website experience (not paid for this mention!)

eCommerce is hard; you’re in a saturated market, everyone is competing on price and there’s always some offer or bundle or supplier who can beat you on price. Competing on price won’t be possible every time and should you even try? As a consumer, I can appreciate both sides of the argument; I love a bargain, but, I also appreciate an incredible UI and a short payment process.

Let’s unpack that a bit — here’s my ideal scenario when I buy online. I see something that I like, I click buy, go to cart, then Pay. I choose PayPal and OneTouch does the hard work for me, my order is complete and the products arrive the next day. Is that how your store works? If not, why not?

Too often when shopping online you are faced with the prospect of a lengthy cart process where you have to enter multiple sets of details and shipping configurations or choices. Over thirty percent of carts are abandoned by shoppers on a regular basis because they couldn’t be bothered, or they had a change of heart. Knowing that this is happening is a great start to being able to remedy the situation.

What changes can you make to streamline the process and drop the barriers between a customer finding your product and then committing to the purchase? You need to look at the entire customer lifecycle on your website and work out where the pain points exist for your customers. Can they purchase the item from its preview? Is it possible to one-click checkout? Are you offering any bundled products or incentive to keep customers shopping?

If we think about the process of selling itself, there are a few things that you can do which are known to improve conversion rates.
Limited edition products are time sensitive because when they are gone, they are gone. You may not have any products which fall into that category, but you could create a limited edition discount bundle, 50 packs which once they are gone you don’t offer the same things again. This strategy creates urgency and a need to not ‘miss out.’

You can also create add-on sales when someone completes their cart and order, you could offer them a great deal on another product, they have already committed to their original purchase, and you can offer them a shipping discount if they bundle the first purchase with a second one.

I’m interested in the mechanics of eCommerce, so I’ll be coming back to this shortly. Think about some of the suggestion here and let me know what works for you, or what doesn’t. If you’re interested in discussing your business in more detail, reach out to me!