3 Fitness Myths Exposed

Get ready to put these myths to rest once and for all

Is the Goal of the Fitness Industry to help you live a healthy lifestyle and lose body fat or is it just to squeeze the last cent out of your pocket?

Allow me to shed some light on 6 myths the fitness industry uses to make you burn your cash away, Not your fat.

#1 Weight Training Will Make You Look Like the HULK.

Yes weight training can make muscles grow but only with a specific Hypertrophy(muscle growth) program that would also include a special diet plan.

Here are the 3 reasons why you will never look like the Hulk simply from weight training:

  • Hormones and Genetics.
  • Your not injecting steroids.
  • You won’t eat enough calories.
  • He was Green.

If it was that easy to build muscle then every Guy in the gym would be 250 pounds, ripped to shreds & the fitness industry would not even exist.

#2 Infomercial XYZ Tones Your Muscles.

We've all seen them Late night, early morning Infomercials making miracle like claims of flabby to “Toned” body transformations only possible with 3 easy payments of $19.99 and 5 minutes a day YEAH RIGHT!

This idea is sold to women who fear that weight lifting will make them look like a man or some muscle-bound freak.


Listen, you either train muscles or you don’t. There’s no in between here such, Exercise routines that increase the “tone”/ definition of a body part That’s a lie.

For a “toned look” though, you need to burn body fat and increase the visibility of your muscles. Keep in mind you have to have some muscles in order for there to be any shape. You can only do this if you:

  • Build lean Muscle.
  • Lose body fat.

The above can be achieved with smart strength training & proper nutrition.

#3 You NEED this supplement to get in shape.

Another million dollar industry sucking the money out of your pocket.

Don’t believe the Hype! there is not any African tree extract or herb found in the rain forest that will magically curb your appetite, build toned muscle, burn body fat and make your boobs grow.

Most of the claims that are given in these ridiculous adverts have been fabricated, exaggerated based on shady studies that have been manipulated beyond belief to achieve desired effects from participants using the product.

Yes some supplements can help you achieve certain goals faster. However supplements are not necessary if you eat correctly and get sufficient rest.

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