by Marc Gamboa

The issue here is not about same-sex marriage, it is about bigotry.

When Manny compared LGBT to animals, he wasn’t talking about same-sex marriage because animals can’t get married, I think even Manny knows that. Manny was against same-sex sex.

What got me surprised about this issue is that some of our fellow Filipinos are on the side of Manny and sees nothing wrong with what he said. If there’s one thing good about what happened is that it opened the conversation about bigotry, so we could help our brothers and sisters to understand and accept that bigotry is no longer accepted in the 21st century.

I got angry with Manny at first but I realized that he doesn’t understand his own ignorance about the topic. Maybe he doesn’t even fully understand the word bigotry. The good news is we are moving in the right direction and at a much faster pace than most other countries in the world.

Though a lot of Filipinos like Manny look down on LGBT, a lot of them are in positions of power in our country from showbiz, to corporations, all the way up to Malacañang.

This kind of bigotry has no place in our society and we should turn our hatred to patience and understanding to educate our fellow Filipinos about this deeply personal issue.

Image from Bilang Pilipino

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