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Marc Gear
Marc Gear
Jul 23, 2016 · 3 min read

I went on a little microadventure recently, and this is the kit that I prepped and took with me.

Bar bag: Exped 13L Drybag

  • Alpkit PipeDream 200 sleeping bag (blue)
  • Alpkit Hunka XL bivi bag (red) with some innertube ‘ranger’ bands to keep it as small as possible.
  • Alpkit Numo inflatable sleeping mat with more innertube bands. Tiny, weighs nothing, very comfy.
  • DD Olive Green 3x3m Tarp — massive, and not as light as I’d like, but great value. It included four aluminium tent pegs which I took with me.
  • 25ft of black paracord.
  • 2 Niteize figure 9 Carabiners. These were great — no need for knots.
  • Spare socks, underwear
  • Hagloff Fleece (pictured, but didn’t make it — weather was too warm)
  • Uniqlo ultralight down gilet.
  • Croc-a-likes (pictured but didn’t make it as I didn’t have room)
  • Lightweight trousers (pictured, but replaced with some shorts)
  • Spare gloves

Saddlebag: 5L Karrimor drybag

Alpkit Medium Fuel Pod

  • Aldi Jelly Babies. These cost like 56p or something.
  • Battery pack for 1200 lumen C&B seen bar light (which sat on the bars and which I didn’t expect to use — It doesn’t get dark enough to need it at this time of year but only bringing a headtorch seemed risky).

Camelbak Mule NV

  • All the stuff it usually contains for a ride — tools, tubes, spares, pumps etc. Oh and the 3L bladder.
  • OS Explorer map OL2 (weatherproof) as a backup for my phone & the Garmin.
  • Naglene ‘Everyday’ 1L water bottle, for carrying more water.
  • Couple of Clif and Torq bars I had in the cupboard
  • A buff
  • Some Nivea 4Kids factor 50 suncream thats about 2 years old, but I didn’t burn and it was really hot, so it must still be okay.
  • Gorilla tape (not pictured)
  • Avon Skin-So-Soft dry body oil spray (it’s excellent insect repellant)
  • Rab Spark waterproof (orange).
  • A basic first aid kit
  • My ‘EDC’ kit in it’s Maxpedition Mini pouch. This has all sorts of goodies, including a Leatherman Skeletool, wire saw, zip ties, Bic, firesteel, waterproof FieldNotes, Sharpie, Fisher space pen, button compass… all sorts of crap that comes in useful from time to time.

The bathroom scales reckoned it weighed 10 kilos without water, but a lot of what went in the camelbak is normally there.

I didn’t have any money for expensive custom frame bags or handlebar rolls so I bought some nylon webbing and buckles and sewed some straps for the handlebars and for the seat pack myself. They turned out pretty good, and they worked well enough for the £10 I spent. The seat pack is fiddly to fit, and relies on packing the drybag really well — so I’ll look to improve that for the next trip.

Marc Gear

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Marc Gear

Bacon, bikes, and bits and bobs. Oh and I run a communication business.

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