a case for an eye for an eye

so let’s just pretend

that the world went blind

we could feel still, and hear

but color was not defined

we knew of the past

and the racial divides

but we couldn’t quite tell

without the use of our eyes

who was on our side..

our memories slowly become less rigid

we become more prone to forgiveness

if you dig it

because hate would be harder to execute and witness

making love would be much more vivid,

and killing would be so difficult

perhaps non existent

we would tap into frequencies

we never knew existed.

we would reach for each other

to feel for each other

we would look a fucking mess

but every time we touched

i bet we would offer something of ourselves

and look for something of equal value in return

because that’s how hard it would be

just to learn, to burn, to earn,

human contact would be currency

it’s value like paramedics in a life and death emergency

the moment when we felt human embrace

there would be urgency

we would stand face to face

breath to breath

and all that would be on our mind

is how can this human before myself

and myself for this human

make it easier to navigate the pitfalls

the rivers lakes and mountains

the lions and wolves that we’re easy prey for

the depression we can easily slip into sometimes

how can we uplift each other

because it’s hard to get around like this

and i need a brother

i need a brother

but i don’t need to see him

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