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What did Jesus say and do about Gays?

Jesus said nothing bad about gays. He said that He repeated everything God told Him to say. Therefore, even God didn’t bother to tell Him to say anything bad about gay people. And, what did Jesus do? In one episode, there was a Roman Centurion who came to Jesus and asked Him to heal his gay servant/ slave/ love. Jesus said, “OK. And, I’ll go to your house and heal him.” The Centurion replied, “No. That won’t be necessary. All you have to do is say the word, and my gay love will be healed.” And Jesus said, “OK.” And right then, Jesus healed his gay love. And then Jesus said, “I’ve never seen anyone with as much faith in Me in all of Israel.” That’s mighty high praise for a gay Roman Centurion. Jesus also said about marriage and divorce, “Let no one put asunder two people whom God has put together.” This applies to gay people too. Jesus had a special love who was a man who rested on His chest during the Last Supper. Jesus was a descendent from the House of King David. Now David had a gay lover, Jonathan, who was the son of King Saul. When Jonathan died, David said that Jonathan was greater than any wife he ever had. Now, Jesus knew His lineage. Obviously. But He said nothing bad about King David. In the end, it is clear that Jesus preached the Gospel of Love. He said: Love God. Love your neighbor as yourself. Love your enemy. Practice Love and compassion for the poor and the neediest if you want to be admitted into heaven. Jesus wasn’t blinded by sexual parts. He was pro-love. He told His disciples, “Love each other as I have loved you.” I write this because the Roman Catholic Church (and other organizations) has a lot of issues with gay priests and gay people. These organizations pander to their public. So they make up doctrines that will win the praises of men but do not reflect Jesus’ or God’s point of view. Jesus was highly critical of priests and religious leaders who made up doctrines to win the favor of men. I write for those who struggle with family, friends, priests and other homophobic people. I want them to know what Jesus thought about this silly issue. It is silly because in the end, homophobia is a mental illness. It is based upon delusional thinking that somehow God made a mistake and created gay people. It is based upon delusional thinking that gay isn’t natural. There are 1500 species on earth that practise same sex contact. It is definitely part of nature and is thus natural. It is a phobia for those who resist nature and what obviously God intended. Homophobia is based upon psychological defenses against having unwanted and thus anxiety producing attraction towards people of the same sex. There is nothing that should cause anyone who accepts the wide variety of human sexuality as natural to have a phobia about gay people and their sexual identities. It is only a person’s fears and anxieties that prevents him or or her from accepting reality, accepting what is natural, and accepting the human condition that has within it a lot of gay people.