An illustration of how we might live our best life — naturally
An illustration of how we might live our best life — naturally

The unprecedented circumstances of lockdown and social distancing may have put a strain on the mental and physical health of you and your family. Of course, you desperately want to put things right — but with the overwhelming demands on the NHS, you may have — in most cases, quite rightly, avoided taking up the valuable time of medical care professionals.

So perhaps for the first time, through recommendation or through frustration, you’ve been searching for an alternative, effective approach to supporting the general well-being of you and your family.

The good news is that sometimes all we actually need…

Before June 2019, if you’d asked ‘Where do you see yourselves in 12 months’ time?”, it certainly wouldn’t have been as co-founders of a blossoming CBD and supplement company. But after a sometimes frustrating first year of trading — here we are, in July 2020 — on the verge of something amazing!

This week we’re launching our very own brand of CBD Oil and CBD Jellies! YAY! It’s a highlight in what has been a very strange year — and we don’t just mean at the hands of COVID-19!

Follow Your Passion!

We’ve believed in taking natural vitamins and supplements for a number…

Taken as a supplement, milk thistle can help detox the liver as well as having other health benefits

Like a lot of people, I drank wine every day. I knew that I was potentially damaging my liver — but cutting back on alcohol was hard, so I took the easier option of taking a daily milk thistle supplement. It made me feel a bit more responsible about my drinking I suppose!

Why milk thistle? Well, I’d kept hearing of people taking milk thistle tablets ‘the morning after the night before’, to help the liver cope with excesses of alcohol. It’s got to be worth a try I thought — but decided to check online as to the pros…

Are you familiar with the phrase “Jack of all trades” ? I thought it was regarded as a talent when running a small business — but it really isn’t.

Saving money by taking on and juggling tasks outside your experience will feel like it’s the right thing to do — until you get out of your depth. Then you realise what a false economy it is. For me, I realised too late and my Jack of all Trades attitude was was ultimately responsible for the downfall of a company I had built up from scratch.

It’s quite a few years…

You’ve been working late. Just as you’re about to call it a night, Facebook Messenger on your Business Page ‘pings’ into action. A message: “Hi. I sent you a message 20 minutes ago. Just wondering if you’ve seen it.”

Oh my goodness. What was the message? Have you missed something vital?

You’ve had your phone on silent because you were in the middle of your accounts. You find the message. “How much do you charge for delivery?” What! It’s all there in black and white on the website for goodness sake! Why can’t people just look at the website!


Ever feel like company policy obliges you to employ the services of ‘old people’, but you don’t quite see their usefulness in today’s business world? Perhaps you’ve written them off in your head.

We all know that times have changed, and older members of your team might have been a bit resistant to new technology and different ways of doing things. And you might be hoping: “Oh well, they’ll retire soon”. But maybe they won’t want to, or can’t afford to. Maybe you’re just unaware of what’s possible when Millennial know-how and Baby Boomer experience fuse together.

Let me explain…

We’re Not Too Old And It’s Not Too Late!

Not Me! Growing up in the 1960s and ’70s, my generation wasn’t really aware of mindfulness. Having been enlightened — I’m going to make the last season of my life, the best of my life.

I’m not far off 60 years of age. The odds of dying soon are closing in. It could be tomorrow. (If it is, please come & empty the fridge — I’ve just done a big shop!). Conversely, I could have over 30 years left. I’m in good health, so it could go either way. …

Marchia Ogden

Speaker, Podcast Host, Actress, Business Role-Player, Event Organiser

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