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Imagine an extended field of crops as far as the human eye can see, food stores, managed by drones, networked with modules monitoring air and soil, authorized to feed, water and fertilize- and the parameters for optimal growth are refreshed remotely by an unauthorized party; Agroterrorism is a growth market.

Imagine your morning commute, surrounded by thousands, riding in a vehicle engineered to maintain distance and speed, programmed with global positioning, all while you sip your French press and read the morning news on your iPad- and your vehicle’s code didn’t receive the latest security update resisting remote administration. The result won’t be labeled a traffic jam.

I agree with the unfortunate thought that it will take tragedy before reform occurs. At 50 billions devices by 2020, that’s far too late to retrofit. Consumers aren’t as worried about their televisions or their Fitbits, but when it grows into compromised home security, vehicles and food supply, people will pay attention.