About the death

“The most lonely thing in the world is a soul when it is preparing to go on its far journey.” O`Henry “The last leaf”

well. I miss. I feel emty, because the great part of me has gone. Irreparably. the most painful is the memories. they come up and have no end. What is more, the photos are on my desk, looking at me and I can`t see them, because it is just illusion, which disturb every part of my mind. so, I know the truth. it is a part of the human`s life. but this is the natural violance. natural violance (from my point of view) is the process in which a person feel sick, and we, people, who love that person so much, can`t help. It is obviously we should just wait. And you know what? That`s the very very worst thing. Worse than the photos on the desk, staring at you. cos in this case, the death of your lovely person stares at you.

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