3 things to look for in a potential mate.

In my experience I’ve found 3 elements that are needed to make a romantic relationship work with another person.

We all have varying definitions of the following, but I’ve put in what these mean to me in this context.

1. Friendship

Someone who you trust, respect, and enjoy being around.

2. Attraction

In this context, I am referring to someone who you are sexually attracted to.

3. Compromise

Willing to give up something material or immaterial to keep this person in your life, or to keep the peace between you two.

Let’s break this down into individual scenarios. Look at any person you connect with regularly in your life and you’ll find yourself in one of these scenarios:

Just Friendship

You’re just friends. Easy.

Just Attraction

One night stand or booty call.

Just Compromise

Pretty much a coworker.

Attraction + Compromise

“It’s complicated”.

Friendship + Compromise


Friendship + Attraction

A good relationship that likely won’t make it through tough times.

Friendship + Attraction + Compromise

Potential to be a life long mate.

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