Being a good person

Is it okay to yell at a child for accidentally stumbling, running into a table, and breaking a precious vase? No. So why would you get angry at your 22 year old self for being ignorant and reckless?

Regardless of what other people think, if behaved like a good person, you are in the right. You may feel like a complete asshole and everything is your fault in the moment — but in hindsight, you’d see that you weren’t wrong at all.

You just did the best you could with the knowledge and skills you had. You can’t avoid shitty situations in life — but you can be a good person in those situations. And when you’re a good person, you will look back on it and know in confidence that what you did was right.

Yes, you may have hurt someone — but it’s crowded here on Planet Earth — you’re bound to step on some toes.

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