One question for some of my favorite authors on Medium

I hope you can help!

I have been sitting here listening to Moby’s ambient music album with my eyes closed for the last 30 minutes, waiting for a solid set of thoughts to come to me, so I can write my daily 100 words.

I’m very curious on what your writing process is, from start to finish, but I won’t ask you to write about that as I’m sure that’s an article in itself. I have one thing I’m struggling with, and thats:

  • What is your process for beginning an new article?

Meaning, do you write stream-of-consciousness, follow the breadcrumbs sort of way — or do you clearly have the vision in your head before you begin?

Sean Smith

Duncan Riach

(I hope I get a response from these guys):

Benjamin P. Hardy
Cliff Weitzman

Thank you for your time.