When you’re honest, you do less stupid shit

Think of the simple logic here:

When you’re a transparent person, you don’t engage in things that you feel like you should be dishonest about. When you’re out with friends on a Friday night, you aren’t flirting with other women if you’re in an intimate relationship because that would give you cause to lie or hide things from your significant other, and therefore placing this lie in a higher priority over trust, respect, etc.

When you’re a transparent person, you’re honest with yourself. This means when you’re facing a decision about engaging in an unhealthy habit like procrastination, you are more likely to do the right thing because you’re able to see where this choice will lead. If you’re not transparent / honest with yourself, you are not be able to see as far down the road, and therefore be more prone to making short-sighted mistakes.

Transparency is one of my favorite virtues because I believe all other great virtues stem from it. When you’re a truly honest person, you do what’s true for you, and I believe that deep down inside, we are good people.