The Leadership Crisis in UFOlogy
Joseph Burkes MD

I think that part of the answer to dealing with charismatic leadership and the pestiferous nonsense that infests the field of ufology is that, as Richard Dolan and others have said, we must take up the challenge of policing the almost overwhelming amount of sloppy research, sloppy reporting, absurd reasoning, hoaxing and just plain silliness that plagues the field of Ufology. This is absolutely necessary if we are to be taken seriously. As long as we accept and put up with these problems and the assumed, additional, skilfully-crafted and undoubtedly well-financed burden of disinformation being fed into the field by those who oppose disclosure we are playing into the hands of the agents of disinformation and those who direct them. If we do not achieve a reasonable level of respectability, then we shall never achieve our goals.

We need a set of known standards to which all of this information and thought may be held up to. I favor, largely, the scientific approach, though there is some merit to the standards of jurisprudence and journalism as well. How such a set of standards might be administered or put to use is a difficult question to answer. The attempt to impose some order into ufology without stepping on rights or innovative speculation would seem to be much like herding cats.