EQ in Humans vs. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Can AI write copy that helps build trust, create connections, and convince buyers to purchase?

In recent years, there has been a growing interest in using Artificial Intelligence (AI) for writing copy in marketing. With the rise of AI-powered language models like chatGPT, there’s a lot of potential for AI to help write powerful, emotional, and influential marketing copy.

However, one question remains: can AI make buyers feel seen and understood and convince them to buy?

Human emotions play a significant role in the buying process. Consumers want to feel understood and empathized with; marketers know that the right copy can do just that. Empathetic copywriting can help build trust, create a connection, and ultimately convince the buyer to purchase. So, the question arises, can AI write empathetic copy that can achieve these results?

The answer is both yes and no. AI language models can analyze large amounts of data and understand patterns in language and sentiment. This means that AI can write copy that appears to be emotional and empathetic. However, AI models do not have personal experiences or emotions, so they cannot truly understand and empathize with the customer.

Moreover, AI copywriting needs more nuance and personal touch of human writing. Human copywriters can craft messages tailored to specific target audiences, taking into account individual preferences and behaviors. Conversely, AI can only work with data sets it has been trained on and can’t adapt to changing circumstances.

Partnering with AI

That being said, AI has the potential to complement human copywriting efforts and make the process more efficient. AI can assist human writers by suggesting sentence structures, tone, and even entire passages, saving time and effort. This can help human copywriters focus on the creative aspect of writing while AI handles the more routine tasks.

AI can be a valuable tool for marketers, but it is essential to remember that the human element remains critical in creating compelling marketing copy. So, while AI has the potential to write empathetic and powerful copy, it cannot replace the human touch and understanding that comes with human writing. To achieve the best results, it’s recommended to use AI as a supplement to human copywriting efforts rather than as a replacement.

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