How to Write Your First Business Article as an Entrepreneur

A guide to how and where — business owners

Diving into the realm of content creation can seem overwhelming. However, with the proper guidance, writing your first business article can be a fulfilling and beneficial journey for business. Here, I provide a comprehensive guide to ensure your writing endeavor is successful and enjoyable.

Understanding the Why

Before you type your first word, reflect on your motive. Are you looking to share industry insights, solve common problems, or narrate an exciting business story? Defining the purpose directs your content and resonates with your target audience.

1. Choose a Relevant Topic

Begin with what you know. Whether it’s your business journey, industry trends, or solutions to everyday challenges, your first article should stem from personal experience or expertise. This ensures authenticity and relatability.

2. Research and Outline

Even if you’re well-versed in a topic, research adds depth. Gather statistics, read opposing viewpoints, and ensure your information is up-to-date. Once you’re armed with knowledge, sketch a rough outline. This helps in structuring your thoughts and providing a logical flow.

3. Craft a Compelling Introduction

Your opening should grab readers’ attention. Pose a question, share a surprising fact, or narrate a brief anecdote. Give readers a reason to continue.

4. Write with Your Audience in Mind

Who are you writing for? Whether it’s fellow entrepreneurs, potential clients, or industry experts, tailor your content to resonate with them.

5. Keep It Engaging

Short paragraphs, subheadings, bullet points, and relevant images break the monotony. Remember, the online reading experience is vastly different from print. Cater to skimmers and deep-divers alike.

6. Conclude Strongly

Summarize the key points, propose actionable steps, or pose a reflective question. Your conclusion should leave readers pondering or inspired to take action.

7. Proofread and Edit

Grammatical errors or unclear sentences can deter even the most interested reader. Proofread multiple times, and have a colleague or friend review it. Fresh eyes often catch overlooked errors.

Where to Publish?

Your article is ready, but where should it go? Here’s a list to consider:

  • Your Blog: An excellent starting point, it drives traffic to your website and establishes an archive of your expertise.
  • Medium: This platform is user-friendly and has a broad readership. It’s perfect for those new to writing.
  • LinkedIn Articles: Given its professional nature, LinkedIn is ideal for B2B content. Plus, it’s integrated with your professional profile.
  • Guest Posts: Reach out to industry-specific blogs or local business forums. They often welcome quality content.
  • Trade Journals: These cater to specific industries and can position you as an expert.

Remember, consistency is critical. Regardless of the platform, regular publishing amplifies the benefits outlined in our previous article.

Final Thoughts

Writing, like any skill, improves with practice. While your first article might not be a masterpiece, it’s a significant step in the right direction. Embrace feedback, learn from it, and keep writing. As you consistently share insights and stories, you’ll find your voice and, in the process, elevate your brand in the market.

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