Six Parenting Traps That Will Turn Your Kid Into a Sociopath

How do parents turn their child into a sociopath? There are six parenting traps that together, will bring out the very worst in any child.

Parenting traps are behaviours that seem “nice” on the surface, so parents think they’re “good” for their children. They’re actually very bad for them.

1: No limits. Instead of setting clear limits and guidelines around their child’s behaviour, they completely indulge and/or enable the kid in being selfish, self-centered, self-indulgent, greedy, grasping, insensitive and/or uncaring.

2: No consequences. They fail to give the child any meaningful consequences for these bad attitudes and behaviours.

3: Inappropriate reactions. They minimize and/or find “cute” all instances of the child’s hurtful, selfish, impulsive, destructive, cruel or thoughtless behaviour.

4: No values. They fail to instill proper morals, ethics, compassion, empathy, kindness or self-discipline into the child.

5: Inappropriate “protection.” They protect the child from receiving any in-the-world consequences of their bad behaviour, including the child’s lying, conning,cheating, stealing, bullying and hurting animals or other people.

6: No perspective. They repeatedly tell the child, or indicate through their actions that the child is “special,” better than everyone else, and deserving of more than everyone else.

All of the above will lead to a child growing up believing that they’re superior to everyone else. They won’t care about anyone else, and they’ll feel like they should be able to do whatever they want, whenever they want, in order to get what they want, without any consequences whatsoever.

If you want to be a truly loving, caring parent, be careful to avoid all of the above parenting traps. If not, you’re in part responsible for creating a monster.

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