Why Vue 2 beats Angular 2 and React
Jon Paul Miles

Just recently I caught up on both the Google I/O 2016 and the React conferences, and after listening to one of the Angular 2 developers mention that they normally only build frameworks and not apps, something dawned on me, which partly explains why Vue.js is becoming so popular.

Angular 2 and React were in a large part, built to address the internal needs of both parent companies, whereas Evan, the creator of Vue.js, is paid by the community to improve the both the core/supporting libraries for the community.

If he makes our lives too hard, the community will stop paying him, simple as that.

That friction that you where feeling when you tried Angular 2, and trust me, been there done that ( https://redd.it/53er59 ), is all due to Angular 2 being born within Google.

Every time I’ve picked up Angular 2. It’s always been a case where it’s not Angular 2 fitting into the overall picture. It’s everything else having to fit around Angular 2.

In regards to React. I love it. Did the React Beginners course by Wes Bos just the other week to really grasp some concepts (Really recommend it). Doing his React/Redux course now and my only criticism of React is that when used with something like Redux, it can become really intimidating to new comers and people of various skill levels. (Providers, mapToProps, containers, reducers, etc)

Been using Vue.js 1.x for at least 6 months now. Already got a branch that’s started migration to Vue.js 2.x using the Vue-migration-helper and the documentation, and I’m loving it.

For anyone new to Vue.js that want a little more than the documentation. Max recently released Vue JS 2 – The Complete Guide (incl. Vuex), on udemy. https://bnc.lt/Xfid/nS85BnjIky .

Here’s to Vue.js and Evan!

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