God’s recipe for humans’ feelings

Rise and shine, sleepy head.

Slept well?

Did you have any colorful dreams?

Oh, you dreamed about your recent work? That’s great. Yes, I will admit — you nailed the moon. Yup, stars are mesmerizing and mind blowing. True — all the plants and lands look interesting. And dare I say something about birds? Man, you have some crazy imagination! Especially those penguins — it’s so funny when they walk.

Look, that’s cool you enjoyed five recent days and all and but we still have some work to do, you know? I don’t want to be a party pooper but you remember we have a strict schedule, right? You do recollect what day we have today, don’t you? No? *Sigh…* It’s the sixth day. THE sixth day? The day we create human?

What do you mean “I don’t want to”? Gee, that’s a bummer considering how many stuff we made so far.

Come on. It’s gonna be fun. I will tell you what to do, ok?

Take some bowl and put it on the table. Now reach for a bit of Weltschmerz. It’s that fuzzy feeling of sadness, depression and sadness. No, don’t add all of it or they will feel sad, lonely and without hope. Just add a tiny bit. Good. Now, on the opposite spectrum is Ho’zho — it’s the moment of happiness and peace felt when you realize how amazing and beautiful is the world. Yup, add this quite a lot so they can feel unstressed and it will allow them to be one with the nature. So far, so good. Now add a piece of Ikigai — sense of existence — which will allow them to reach their dreams and create some goals in life. Hey, you know what will be funny? If we mix that with Dietrologia — second meaning, hidden behind everything. Let them think and talk about life even more, right? Especially while eating dinner together.

Now pour a bit of Sobremesa — a feeling of having an amazing conversation — so they will enjoy each other company even if they eat all the food. Add spice of Tjuvsmaka — grazing between the meals. Oh! And don’t forget to include Shemomechama — awareness of surfeit. Have them have some little pleasures in life because why not?

Speaking of fullness. Don’t forget to add Shěnměi píláo. It’s that feeling of esthetic fatigue when you see too much beauty. Now let’s pour some other strange emotions like Cynefin — urgent feeling of living in a place where you could feel like at home; Germas — love for something so sweet and cute you could hug it in your arms till it cries and Kekau — realization of coming back from a bad dream. No, I’m not saying those are necessary elements but it will be more interesting this way. Oh, and don’t forget to include Jayus — laughing from a really bad joke. You know what? Add plenty of that. I have a feeling most of them will need this.

Mix the ingredients with Chouzourév̱o — comfort off laying in warm and cozy bed and Utura-utura — realization of walking from dream land to real world. Yeah, I know dreams are awesome. You said it like gazilion times.

Anyway, most of them will probably wake up next to a love one so pour some Cafune — pleasure of combing hair of your partner — and add Nakakahinayang — taking advantage of volatile moment. While we are on the subject — don’t forget to include Aon. You know, the strange behavior of affecting the other person to gain some hidden benefits?

I think we are almost over. Now break in some Arbejdsglaede — a satisfaction of well-done job and Feierabend — happiness of reaching end of the work. Let them also have some Iktsuarpok — excitement of waiting for the loved one.

Shit! I would almost forgot final ingredient! Throw some Fylleangst — ethical hangover of what they did while being drunk. Trust me — they will need plenty of this.

Now put it all in the oven for one hour and let’s go watch some pigeons fights, shall we?